Contract Manufacturing Overview

With a network of manufacturing plants strategically located throughout the world, we have the solution to meet your needs. Our capabilities are extensive but focused, with hair, body and skin care characterizing the majority of the SKU’s that we manufacture, from trial size for cover mounts or sampling to full sized products.

We have the ability of producing at very high output rates for consistently forecasted high-volume runs and we also have more flexible approach geared to produce smaller, custom requirements.

Whether you have the formula, artwork and packaging components specified and ready, or need a partner to adapt your existing product for a new market, our cross-functional team of specialists is here to help.

We pride ourselves on leading innovation, design & development for hair, body & skincare products. Our highly skilled design and development team listen to you, combine your ideas with future trends to ensure we introduce innovation and keep you ahead of your competitor set.

Product Design & Development. We pay attention to every detail to ensure we produce the finest quality hair, body, and skincare products in the world, from concept to finished good. This is true whether we are producing our own branded products, creating a custom collection for a hotel chain, working with a retail brand partner on their next project, or anything in between.

Formulation Development. Our formulations are gentle on both the skin and the earth. While modern technology has superseded the more traditional methods of manufacturing, our passion for excellence and efficacy is our highest priority.

Fragrance. We work with the largest and most credible fragrance houses in the world, ensuring that we replicate the uniqueness of any current hair, body & skincare products or creation of new exclusive programs in line with global trends.

Research and Development. We are committed to continuous research and development to ensure we anticipate new bath, body, fragrance, and beauty trends. This tireless pursuit allows us to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of every customer we work with, ensuring that together, we’re providing memorable products to delight and impress.

Manufacturing Excellence. With global manufacturing, our capabilities are extensive and range from high-volume runs to small custom orders, allowing us to create comprehensive programs to meet virtually any customer requirement.

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Capabilities that G&S has
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our research & development chemists are experts in formulation science. They stay on top of the most recent trends, advancements, and global regulations and can help enhance your product performance, help you value engineer a formulation or build a custom formulation from the ground up.

Our industrial and graphics design teams can work hand-in-hand with you to update your current packaging, or develop brand new package ideas and finalize that packaging to bring your brand to life.

Our strategic/specialist sourcing team combined with our global procurement expertise have access to extensive varieties of ingredients and we are confident we can be your solution.

Yes we can. From design through to the end product, we can offer you the optimal end-to-end solution.